In preparing for the next 20 years of land use in Wasco County, understanding economic trends and employment forecasts can help appropriate needed land uses like residential and commercial.

The Oregon Employment Department recently published data showing the occupations most in demand in Eastern Oregon.  You can view the full data sheet here:

Many of the professions listed tend to be more urban than rural (meaning, happening in Cities or areas where there are commercial and industrial districts).  However, there are opportunities in occupations that happen in rural Wasco County.  These include heavy or tractor-trailer truck drivers, firefighters, water and wastewater treatment plant and system operators, farming/fish/forestry supervisors, construction workers, agricultural workers and general laborers.

This data supports the continued importance of our natural resource zones (farm and forest) to the economy and job creation.  Coupled with the hourly median wage data listed, it also demonstrates that many of the forecasted employment will require continued development of affordable and workforce housing.

We would love to hear your thoughts about this information and how we can develop land use planning policies that will support continued growth and success for Wasco County residents.  Send us a comment or take our current housing survey.