The Wasco County Planning Department, Planning Commission and Citizen Advisory Group will be having a meeting on February 5th from 3pm-4pm at the Discovery Center for some training and to elect new officers.

Staff will also provide a preliminary overview of the 2019 roadshow event series for discussion.

On March 12th, a Citizen Advisory Group meeting will be held at 4pm-6pm at the Wasco County Public Works conference room.  The Citizen Advisory Group will review upcoming updates to the Comprehensive Plan, including Goal 5 historic and aggregate inventories, Goal 12 transportation, and Goal 3 and 10, agricultural lands and housing, which will be the focus of the 2019 roadshow event series.  The public is encouraged to attend and learn about the updates and share their opinions.

The agenda and packet will be available in February.  Comments can be sent at anytime using the project website comment function.

Planning staff is currently scheduling the roadshow event series for the last two weeks in March, to occur at four locations throughout the County.  We will be making a presentation about housing and flexible minimum parcel size, with some small group exercise and discussion opportunities.  These should be well attended meetings with lots of interesting content, so we encourage all to attend.  You can receive notification emails by signing up here.  There are also other ways to participate.  Be sure to visit the participation page to discover all the options and follow us on social media.