In upcoming meetings, staff will be discussing with the Citizen Advisory Group amendments to the aggregate and historic inventories, in keeping with Goal 5 requirements.

After 60+ hours of staff research, including an audit, the Wasco County Planning Department has identified three additional aggregate mining projects that need to be added to the inventory.  These sites were added through a conditional use process, in keeping with the Land Use and Development Ordinance rules, in 2015.  Because the last minor amendment to the Comprehensive Plan was in 2009, these sites still need to be added to the aggregate inventory.

Reviewing the National Historic Register of Places, staff identified two locations that need to be added to the historic inventory as well as one site (the Thomas Slusher House) that needs to be removed, as a result of an amendment to the inventory in 2008.

The two proposed additions are on the historic register.  The Imperial Stock Ranch Headquarters is a registered historic district that has been on the National Register since 1994.  The second addition is the Fifteenmile Creek Bridge (also known as the Adkisson Bridge) which was listed in 1985.

In keeping with the process to date, staff will be recommended initial updates to Chapter 5 (Goal 5) including a new format.  However, a significant amount of updates to Chapter 5 will be part of the remaining work plan, with much of the work done in 2020.

What do you think about the proposed updates?  Share your feedback with us!

The staff report detailing proposed changes will be available at the end of February.  Stay tuned for more information.