Welcome to the first Virtual Open House for the Wasco County Land Use and Development Ordinance (LUDO) Update: Chapters 2, 21 and 22.

To simulate the experience of an in-person event but in an on-demand format, we have prepared a series of videos and other interactive content for you.  The whole experience should take about 30 to 45 minutes and will be live throughout 2021 so you can revisit at any time.

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Learn about the project with a video overview of the LUDO Update. After watching the short video, read about the process, and review the FAQs. You can also send us a question and we will follow up via email, our FAQs and our Ask a Planner events.

Throughout April, the LUDO Update outreach focuses on three process-driven Chapters. Proposed revisions aim to streamline, make it easier to read, and assure consistency with state law.

The development permit review procedures chapter, Chapter 2, of the LUDO has been reorganized and streamlined. Most of the changes are non-substantive and part of our broader effort to improve our process.

Procedures: Chapter 2 contains a video overview of the Chapter 2 update, a one-sheet summary of the proposed changes, a draft of the revised Chapter, a summary table of major changes, and a quick poll. You can also view the presentation slides from our public event on April 14th and/or view a recording of the presentation.

Land divisions, like partitions and subdivisions, are largely governed by rules in state law. Staff worked with a Technical Advisory Team made up of five area surveyors to streamline, improve clarity, and ensure consistency with state law.

For a video overview, a one-sheet summary, a draft of the revised Chapter showing any changes (optional and mandatory) with a revision overview, and a quick poll, visit the LUDO Land Divisions: Chapter 21 overview. You can also view the public presentation slides from our public event on April 14th and/or view a recording of the presentation.

Previously a part of Chapter 21, staff felt a standalone chapter for road standards would add clarity to the permitting process. Proposed staff updates were reviewed by the Public Works Director, who also provided additional feedback. Most of the edits reflect a modified process based on current resources.

The one sheet and draft/revision index have been combined with Chapter 21 material for ease of reading and comparing.

Watch an overview presentation of these updates

Watch an Ask a Planner Q & A session

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about some of the proposed LUDO Updates. To learn about the many ways you can get involved, watch How to Participate. The Participate menu, submit comments, ask a planner a question, sign up for email notices, and learn about future events are additional ways to get informed.